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Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Pins: Day 26

Now THIS is a good use for plastic eggs!

Original pin:

Elli is really into letters right now.  She is picking them out left and right.  "Mom, that's a C!  I learned that letter!"  Brings a smile to my face to know that my efforts are paying off. :D

This pin is simple, yet versatile.

Even the little ones can get involved! (with supervision, of course... these do pose a choking hazard, so be careful!)

I matched up the egg tops and bottoms (some match in color, some don't for a bit more difficulty).  The site suggested stickers, but I just went with Sharpie.  Write the capital letter on top (the bigger part) and the lower case letter on the bottom.  

Separate and let the learning continue!

Also, you could place a small treat (m&m or sticker) inside of each egg.  Tell the child to find the Dd egg.  If he/she picks the right one the first time, they get the treat!  If not, save for next time.  Also, eggs can be hidden around the house.  With multiple kids, you can keep score of  who can find AND identify the most.  Or, forget the competition... kids love hunting eggs. :)

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