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Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Pins: Day 27


It is official, I have moved up in the crochet world and am very excited!  No, literally, I crocheted up!

Original pins:

I liked the look of the baskets on the left, but it led to a site where I had to pay for a pattern.  With millions of websites at my fingertips, I decided to go searching.  I found the pattern in the link below... which just happens to be the same site the pin on the right came from.  Go figure!

The results:
I worked on this for 3-4 hours total, but I am still learning (and not using the right size needle/yarn), so it could go faster.

It isn't perfect, but it is functional. :)

Bad lighting, but this is closer to the actual color.

I finished the last row by doing a slip stitch all the way around except at the handles.  I did as many single crochets as I could fit by wrapping the yarn around the previous row.

I can't wait to see what I crochet next!

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