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Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Pins: Day 14

The Sword of the Lord

This morning in our church service, the pastor talked about what Jesus did when he was tempted by satan.... he quoted Scripture!  It is our weapon against the evil one, so I want my kids (and myself) to memorize verses.  I know we will need them!

Original pin:

The blog on the other end of this pin provided a great printable so I did not need to make my own!  I used cardstock to make them sturdier (instead of wasting lamination sleeves).

Other than the printed cards, I used my rotary paper cutter and a hole punch.

This made light work of the job... and the edges are straight, too!

I punched holes, and that was it!

I was hoping to find a hinged ring somewhere around the house, but did not.  I ended up using pliers and a key ring.

Doing this pin also inspired me to organize the kids' other flash cards.  Josh and I get so irritated when they are strewn about the living room right after we clean them up!  I punched holes and am going to pick up some hinged rings sometime.  Hopefully this will solve our problem. :)

Difficulty rating: EASY
Expense rating: CHEAP

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