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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Pins: Day 30

My kids won't eat much of anything.  I saw this idea on Pinterest at the beginning of the month and thought it would be a big hit.... they love bananas, they love pancakes, and they love syrup!

Original pin:

The ingredients are simple: 1 cup of pancake mix, 2/3 c water, 2/3 cup syrup, and one banana (quartered and sliced).  It calls for mini muffins, but I just went big.

Max was waiting so patiently... sitting at the table like a big boy.

I had a little extra batter, so I threw it in a skillet to see if it would actually make a pancake. As you can see, it was not very flippable.  Still tasted good though!

They cake out of the pan very easily.  I just flipped it and loosened with a fork.  They fell right out without sticking (I sprayed with Pam ahead of time).

You can cool these, flash freeze, and throw in a ziploc for easy storage and reheating.  

Of course, the kids would not eat them. :(  Maybe they will be in the mood later or tomorrow.  And I just might need to add some chocolate chips to sweeten the deal in the future!

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