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Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Pins: Day 22

Today's Our Daily Bread fit perfectly with the pin.

I decided to be brave and do a kid + paint pin today.  I pinned this one a long time ago, but was inspired to fulfill it after seeing my cousin's wedding guest book last weekend (scroll down).

Wedding guest book:
Guests marked this beautifully designed board with their finger print and then signed their name.  I think I need some tree drawing lessons from Marc. :)

Here are a couple of other ideas you could try.

I started by drawing a tree with pencil on a random piece of cardboard (I believe this was the backbone of a pack of scrapbook paper?).  You could also trace if you found a silhouette you liked on google images or something.

 Next, I outlined with gold sharpie and filled in with brown.

Then it was time for Elli to make her mark!

She dipped her finger in different colors of paint representative of this season and put some "leaves" on the tree and on the ground.
This is what she came up with. (With some guidance). :)  

We did try the angel, but it ended up looking like a weird face or something.

So I allowed her to express herself artistically with this one.

Finally, I added a "Thankful" cut by my Cricut with the Cheerful Seasons Cartridge (Creative Memories).  Eventually this could be framed and brought out each fall to display, or kept in a scrapbook to give to Elli later on.

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