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Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Pins: Day 1

So, the day has finally arrived to begin my first blog focus.  And it is now 11:13 PM on day 1 and I am still working on blogging my first pin!  Click on the image above for a more detailed explanation of the focus.  In short, I will be attempting to complete 31 pins that I have pinned to a board on pinterest in 31 days.  I never actually sat down to plan the exact pins I would do each day (silly me!), but have some days/pins in mind.  Today I kept it simple and just used what I had - a kid and a camera. :)

Original Pin:

I grabbed my camera, changed out the long lens for the short, and threw in an SD card.  Then, I checked the length of my arms with the length of the strap.  I had to do something, or E would be getting {another} black eye!  A rubber band did the trick.  I set the timer on the camera and opted for 3 shots when the time was up.    I pressed the shutter button, grabbed her hands, and started spinning.  10 seconds later, "snap, snap, snap".  

The Results:

We both had fun with this one.  I am not thrilled with my background and will move to a non-residential location the next time I try it.  However, I love her smile and am pleased to have these shots in our album. :)

Difficulty rating: EASY
Expense rating: FREE

What Pin did you complete today???

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