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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tie Dye Alternative

Like tie dying, but don't want the mess?  This is just for you!

What you need:
Sharpies, shirts, rubber bands, rubbing alcohol, iron, clothes dryer

Kid friendly craft (if you don't mind some ink on the hands).

Pull the shirt out at different points, twist, and rubber band a few times.  Color each segment with a different color of sharpie marker. Make sure you press it down and use lots of ink if you want your colors to be vibrant.

Then drop on some rubbing alcohol.  Liberally.
Let it sink in/spread for a few minutes.

Un-band and voila! (At this point you can also embellish by writing names or other designs that you do not want to spread out with alcohol.  I ended up going over some lighter areas with more marker (lines) and more alcohol.

Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and iron to set in the color (I would use a high temp).

Dry for at least 20 minutes in the dryer.

Also try fireworks!

Thanks, Buba, for finding and sharing. :)

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