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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Teresa and I decided to tackle home made pierogi (which is the plural form in Polish, I believe). :) She loves the browneyedbaker .  So that's where we headed for a recipe.  Here's the link we used:

First of all, we LOVED the dough!  It was so easy to use, didn't tear, didn't stick, soft, etc., etc.  A bakers dream!
For the filling, we added about 1/3-1/2 block of cream cheese for extra richness.
You could put anything you want in these things, and they would be great!

Don't forget to soak your potatoes to eliminate excess starch...

Roll and fill...

Fold and press closed - we used a fork, but I saw another blog with a cool pinch pattern that looked nice.

We boiled until they were floating, then sauteed in butter an onions.  DELICIOUS period

The hubby was out west helping with forest fires at the time, so I saved him some by par-boiling and freezing.  This evening, I revived by completing the boiling (until floating) and then sauteed in butter and onions.  They fell apart a bit but tasted just the same.

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