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Monday, July 2, 2012

"Cookies & Cream"

Remember the Tiramisu Cupcakes I made the other day?  Well, I had a bunch of extra whipped cream left over that was calling my name from the fridge.  When I was deciding what to eat it with/on, I had a flashback of celebrating my best friend's birthday at a local restaurant and eating "Cookies and Cream" for dessert.  This delicious dish consists of a warm brownie, ice cream, hot fudge/choc. syrup, and whipped cream.  I had everything but a brownie mix....  
This is not a problem, however, with about a gazillion recipes at my fingertips.  I googled "home made brownies" and scrolled down to the blogs.  The word "espresso" caught my eye and I went with it.
The only thing I did differently was the coffee element.  Of course I did not have any espresso powder, but I have coffee.  Like the tiramisu, I ground the coffee fine and made it in my French press.  It did add extra liquid to the recipe, but it did not seem to affect it drastically.  I halved the recipe because Josh is not home to help eat them.  Unfortunately, I forgot about this "halfing" when it came to the salt, baking powder, and vanilla.  :(  
On the bright side, the extra salt balanced the extra sweetness when I topped it with the ice cream and chocolate syrup.  The home made whipped cream perfectly complimented this dessert!

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