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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sporty Eggs

They are good for your health and fitness, but not athletic themselves. What I am referring to are deviled eggs with a kick. (Named by my dad's this idea from Gram). Everyone has their own hard-boiling techniques and recipes, but here are mine:

Place a dozen or so eggs (add a couple extra just in case they break/tear) in a pot; cover with water.  Heat to boiling and then boil for about 10 minutes.  Allow to rest for a few minutes, and then strain.  Fill pot again with cold water, cover with lid, and shake!  The shells will crack, and the cold water will get in underneath and make peeling a whole lot easier.  Peel and rinse. Cut eggs in half placing cooked yolk into a small mixing bowl.
Mash with fork.
Add mayonaise (quarter cup-ish - enough to make the mixture smooth).
Add a squeeze (or more) of mustard.
Add enough hot sauce/wing sauce to get the desired amount of heat.
Add any other spices/salts you desire (e.g. italian seasoning, onion powder, etc.).
Optional: Ranch dressing or powder

Spoon mixture into ziploc sandwich bag and cut off corner.
Squeeze into egg halves.
Top with garnish (I used celery seed, but you could use paprika or whatever you like).

Chill.  Enjoy.

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