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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fresh Black Raspberry Pie Slugs UPDATED

Don't worry, it's not what you think. Like raspberry pie? How about all year round? That's right! Lightly cook your filling, freeze in pie tins (lined with press n seal or whatever), and enjoy summer, fall, winter, spring. :) This is sure to please out of town guests/friends and family who weren't around when the berries were ripe! Praise the Lord for friends who were generous enough to offer the harvest while they are on vacation... They're definitely getting one!
I used the filling recipe from (very similar to mom's) and have a family crust recipe to use. Skipped the nutmeg and will add butter just before baking.
Thank you, Mom, for this idea.  Not sure if she came up with it herself or where she got it, but it's brilliant! (SHE GOT THE IDEA FROM A FRIEND'S MOM... HOWEVER, HAS FOUND THAT IT WORKS BETTER TO FREEZE IN A GALLON FREEZER BAG AND THAW BEFORE POURING INTO PIE CRUST.  SETS UP BETTER IN THE END).
Enjoy... Now and later!


Heather T and Family said...

Pix are out of order, but you get the jist. Threw some ice cream into the pot afterwards in order to salvage the excess juices. :)

willis said...

Cool idea. I made some bumble berry pies a couple weeks ago. Pies = wonderfulness.

Heather said...

Agreed! Never tried did they turn out?

willis said...

Delicious :)

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