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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cricut Alphabet & Home-preschool

This project is from a while ago, but I thought I would share.  Anyone with a Cricut and small children may have a use for this project!

To create these letters, I mostly used the fonts from the Creative Memories Cheerful Seasons cartridge.  I cut a few letters each on several different styles/colors of scrapbook paper.  Then, I laminated (with heat) and cut them out.  It is a quick and easy project that will help kids learn the alphabet, recognize letters, sort by color, etc.  They've just been sitting in a bag on Elli's desk for a while, but came in handy this week...

A couple of months ago, I came across the idea of a home-preschool online somewhere.  The idea was to learn a letter per week (which I also discussed with a home-school mom back in the spring).  Since I am a teacher through and through, of course I couldn't NOT go "back to school" this year (which would have been the first time in 24 years).  So, on Monday, Elli and I started home-preschooling.

I was going to go in order with the alphabet, but someone mentioned it might be fun for Elli to pick a letter from a bag each week... what do you know?  I have all of these letters for just that sort of thing!  Another friend said they had heard it might be better to learn them out of order, so I was sold on the idea.  Last Friday, Elli chose the letter "M".  I had the weekend to plan.

I gathered all of the books in the house that have an m-word in the title, printed out coloring pages with letter practicing lines, came up with an act of service (Make Macaroni and cheese for Max), found the Bible alphabet (one memory verse per letter), and made use of the giant chalk-board in her room.  So far, she can recognize and write the letter, knows a few words beginning with M, and has memorized a Bible verse!

I am excited to see what letter she picks tomorrow afternoon and to start all over again next week. :)

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