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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Project: Baby Food

So, I agreed to help a friend empty 44 jars of baby food so it didn't have to go to waste.  She is using them as favor-sized jelly jars for her daughter's wedding next summer.  Sounds like a cool challenge to me!    I have a few things already in mind...
-My mom, for example, makes carrot cookies using carrot baby food.
-Max is 1 now and was eating solids, but has reverted back to purees, so  I can get creative blending meat or whatever in with these. 
This may seem like an easy task...however, I might get more seeing as how she needs over 200!
How many things can I make with baby food?

Found these sites to get a few ideas:

Also accepting any ideas you might have.  Please comment below. :)

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